I am a small business owner in Oklahoma. I own and operate the Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn. I also have a small gift boutique inside the inn as well as an online Etsy shop. I create all of the hand-made items I sell in my shop. I love to sew and I have a passion for creating mixed media art pieces. I especially love to paint angels. I am also a wife to a wonderful husband and a mom to two beautiful teenage girls and three dogs. I practice yoga, meditation, affirmative prayer, clean eating (organic, whole foods) and clean living. I make all of my cleaning products, bath & body products, and skin care products because I am an essential oils fanatic. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, and a severe hormone imbalance. This blog is about my healing journey and the things that helped heal me on my journey. If you are suffering with any of these issues I hope my posts help you and inspire you. Thank you for your interest in me and my story and thank you for going along with me on this journey!